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Summer Sessions
Whether you want to spend your summer studying in the nation's capital or need the flexibility of online courses, The AAN wide range of summer courses and programs have you covered.
Convenient Course Schedules
With more than 600 day, evening, and online courses — most lasting just five or six weeks — you can earn college credit while interning or working, whether you're in the Campus or at home.
Save Money and Live on Campus for Less
Summer courses tend to be less expensive per credit hour than regular-term tuition. Enroll in one course and save 30 % on summer on-campus housing, or enroll in two courses and save 50 %. Learn more.
  • PCUA and visiting students enrolled in 3 credits at AAN in the summer 2015 term qualify for a 30% AAN housing discount; students enrolled in 6 or more credits at AAN in the summer 2015 term qualify for a 50% AAN housing discount.
  • This discount is available to both graduate and undergraduate students taking both on-campus and online courses from 5/17/15 through 8/8/15. Note: AAN housing will not be available beyond 8/8/15.
  • In order to be eligible for the summer 2015 AAN housing discount, students must be enrolled at AAN and housed at AAN concurrently in summer 2015. 
  • For students requesting the summer housing discount, enrollment will be verified.Students interested in summer housing at AAN.
  • Enjoy AAN
    Summer is the perfect time to explore Washington, the seat of national government, a thriving cultural center, and a truly international city.
    World-Class Faculty
    Courses are taught by experts in their fields. The American Academy of Neuropsychoanalysis is a leader in many fields of study, including Neurosciences, Neuropsychiatry, Social work, Neuropsychopathology, Psychoanalysis, and Neuropsychology.


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