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Student Services
Imagine. You, finding your academic stride; training for your first marathon; trying exotic foods, learning traditional dances, and seeing the world without leaving campus. Imagine. You, living and thriving at your fullest — mind, body, and spirit.
All of it is made possible with the help of trained, dedicated student service professionals at The AAN. Advisors, tutors, counselors, mentors, and legal experts. Someone who can help you manage a bout of anxiety, or navigate through the transitions of studying and living in the United States for the first time.
At The AAN, our goal is to see you reach yours, and we go to great lengths to help you overcome any challenge and realize every dream.
Academic Support

The Center for Academic Success will help you strengthen your skills, excel in your courses, and reach your academic goals. Drop in on one of our group tutoring sessions or schedule an individual appointment; swing by the modern language labs for extra guidance from department faculty; or attend academic skills workshops to fine tune your organizational and study skills.
Health and Wellness

At The AAN there is nothing more important to us than your spiritual, physical and emotional health. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by using our fitness center or participating in club or intramural sports. Visit Student Health Services for any health-care needs or schedule an appointment with the Counseling Center to receive any mental-health and emotional counseling you may need.
Cultural Connections

Expand your global perspective at AAN. Get to know students from more than 90 countries who are part of our campus community. Our Center for Global Education works to not only provide a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for our international students, but also opportunities for our U.S. students to make cross-cultural connections through extensive study-abroad opportunities.
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