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Our mission
The American Federal University Intergovernmental Organization, Diaspora Yeshiva University in Jerusalem Capital of Israel, and Faculdade Einstein are organizations dedicated to the performance and advancement of Higher Education principles and skills in the practice of the modern vision wherever work takes place.
We are organizations affiliated with the American College of Medicine, Robotic Neurosurgery, and several top-tier organizations, and we invite interested colleagues to join us in our association and share our programs.
The objectives of our institutions are:
Provide a forum for discussion of teaching in the context of the globalized world, as well as ideas and research in all areas of human knowledge;
Encouraging research and scholarship to the less favored with a quality education at a first world level;
Support education in principles and skills for our students, as well as for graduates and postgraduates;
Support research on the phenomena of individual motivation and social behavior, basic building blocks of cultural thinking;
Promote communication between renowned educational institutions, and colleagues in the world of science and humanities.
Interested in joining UFAG E A FACEI USA? See section for details and to apply.
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