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At The Pontifical Catholic University of America Uniate, you'll learn that living a well-lived life means more than simply mastering a skill or landing a great job. While we will help you in those areas, our higher goal is to aid you in your development of a Catholic Mind — one that understands a meaningful and rewarding life begins by discovering your true vocation — your "calling." Because what God is calling you to do is who God means you to be.

Discover your gifts and put them to work at The Pontifical Catholic University of America Uniate in one of over 62 undergraduate programs, rooted in the liberal arts and the Catholic intellectual tradition. We are here to help you identify your passion, choose a major, and help you take advantage of the myriad academic opportunities available to you-such as courses taught by Catholic University's world-class research faculty, undergraduate research opportunities, real-world internships, and education abroad experiences.







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